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Multi Driver

Overview of Multi Driver

Usage Example of Multi Driver

For maintenance of the prosthodontics, for removal and mounting of the screw

Covers various implant systems

Covers various implant systems

Exercise its power with screw fixing type

Exercise its power with screw fixing type

Also suitable for healing abutment

Also suitable for healing abutment

Fastening / application of intraoral screw

  • Multi-driver kit for 6 prosthodontics screws perfect for maintenance of implant prosthodontics.
  • A general-purpose type widely applicable mainly used for removal and attachment of a prosthetic screw.
  • Even hand drivers can be used with a torque wrench of 4 mm square specification
  • Contained management in the attached special case to prevent loss, correspond to autoclave sterilization.

Applied Implant System (6 setting drivers)

  • ●SCS (Straumann Type)
  • ●Hex1.22BM (3i Type)
  • ●Unigrip (Nobel Biocare Type)
  • ●Hex1.24AT(Astra Tech Type)
  • ●Hex1.00AK (Ankylos Type)
  • ●Hex1.25SZ (Zimmer Type)

Product introduction video

Multi Driver Product Information

Content of Package

Multi Driver
Multi Driver
Product Name Abutment Screw Driver
Model No. D581DSR1, D581DNB1, D581DSZ1,
D581DAT1, D581DBM1, D581DAK1
Dimensions 20mm(Common length)
Square size □3.9mm(Common)
Weight Approx.1.5g(Common)
Nominal (size)                            Driver tip shape Applicable Implant System
Hex1.00AK Hex1.00AK Ankylos
Hex1.22BM Hex1.22BM 3i, XiVE FRIALIT, Restore, OSSTEM, Neo Biotech
Hex1.25SZ Hex1.25SZ Swiss-Plus, Screw-Vent, Zimmer(Spline), Biohorizons, Legary,
s-Clean, Sweden&Martina
Unigrip Unigrip Nobel Biocare
Abutment Screw Driver Holder
Abutment Screw Driver Holder
Product Name Abutment Screw Driver Holder
Model No. D581DRH1
Dimensions 12mm(Total height)
Outer diameter φ9.5mm(Maximum)
Square size □4.0mm
Weight Approx.5g
Abutment Screw Driver Case
Abutment Screw Driver Case
Product Name Abutment Screw Driver Case
Model No. D581DCS1
Dimensions 86.5(W) X 28(H) X 25(D)mm
Fit Abutment Screw Driver 6 pieces,
Holder 1 piece
Autoclave sterilization Compliant
Weight Approx.80g

Optional Accessories

Spare driver
Spare driver
Product Model No. Nominal (size)
D581DAK1 D581DAK1 Hex1.00AK
D581DBM1 D581DBM1 Hex1.22BM
D581DAT1 D581DAT1 Hex1.24AT
D581DSZ1 D581DSZ1 Hex1.25SZ
D581DNB1 D581DNB1 Unigrip
Replacement o-ring
Replacement o-ring
Part name O-ring kit
Part number D581DSR1-02-K
Quantity 5 pieces.

※ Depending on the dimensional tolerance of the product, the size may differ from the actual product.
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement, so please understand in advance.
Sales name: Multi-driver medical device report number: 26B3X10009170022

How to use

  1. 1. Select the driver according to the abutment screw shape of the implant.
  2. 2. Together with the holder, attach it to the target screw, then rotate manually to engage.

Contraindication / prohibited matter

  1. Prohibition other than purpose of use: Do not use other than dental treatment.
  2. Prohibition of remodeling: Do not change form, change structure, or remodel it.
  3. Prohibition of use in case of abnormality: If deterioration or abnormality is found in this product, stop using it immediately.
  4. Strict observance of precautions: Observe usage precautions for proper use of this product.

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Multi Driver