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歯科用インプラント手術器具 ラボトルクドライバ

Overview of Lab Torque Driver

Usage Example of Lab Torque Driver

For checking the small torque of screws that are to be frequently tightened and loosened.

For screws of large-size models where securing with even torque is required.

For CAD/CAM scanning bodies where attention should be paid to proper fixing.

For long-span bridged screws that constitute the evidence data of laboratory work.

Tightening of lab screws with torque and the applications

  • The lab torque drivers are for laboratory use and the presetting type offering excellent workability and the digital type enabling precise torque indication.
  • Applications include the use for measurement of tightening and loosening torque related to laboratory work of dental implant.
  • For laboratory work where tightening is done at specified torques of around 15 cN·m.
  • The tightening torque value can be checked on the LCD display and attainment of the preset torque is notified with LED and buzzer sound, thereby preventing excessive tightening.

Applicable Implant System (Preset Driver: 6 types)

●SCS (Straumann Type) ●Unigrip(Nobel Biocare Type) ●Hex1.0AK(Ankylos Type)●Hex1.2SM(Sweden & Martina Type) ●Hex1.2AT(AstraTech Type) ●Hex1.2BM(3i Type))

Adverse Effect of Over Torque

Abutment screws and lab screws must be tightened with in the range of the specified torque. When the tightening to rque is excessive, part of the screw threads wil l be deformed, and the expected rigidity and performance cannot be obtained. Adverse effect caused by over torque must be avoided at least to prevent deformation of screw threads.

Screw tightened with a torque with in the specified Screw tightened with a torque within the specified

Screw tightened with a torque with in the over torque range


Product Info of Lab Torque Driver

Bundled Items

Lab Torque Driver
Product NameLab Tor que Driver
Model No. D601LBD1
Measurement Range
(Right and Left)
6 to 60cN·m
Outer Dimensi ons Approx.100 (total length) X 41(W) X 33(H)mm
Weight Approx.160g (including driver holder and driver)
Battery Coin type lithium battery CR2354 (1 pc.)
Battery Service Life Approx. one month (for use of 100 times/day)
Incorporated Items
Product Name Driver Holder for Lab Torque Driver
Model No. D601DRH1

Usage of Lab Torque Driver


Mount the Driver Holder (②) and the Driver chosen (③) on Lab Torque Driver (①).


①Set the driver on the object and start the work.

②To measure the torque value, hold the grip and gradually apply the force toward the direction of work.

Optional Items

Lineups of Driver [Option]
Model No. Product Name Product
D601DSR1 Driver(SCS)
D601DNB1 Driver(UniGrip)
D601DSM1 Driver(Hex 1.2SM)
D601DAK1 Driver(Hex 1.0AK)
D601DAT1 Driver(Hex 1.2AT)
D601DBM1 Driver(Hex 1.2BM)

※The size is sometimes different from an actual product depending
on dimensional tolerance of a product.
Dental Implant Laboratory Instruments: General Medical Medical Device Device/Brand Notification No.: Name: Lab Torque Driver  Medical Device Notification:26B3X10009150101