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Dental Implant Surgery Tool [Newton-1 PAT.P.]

Main Unit

1The target upper limit value of torque can be input, and the attainment of the target value can be notified with a sound in addition to indication.
2The value can be read intuitively with a large digital indication that focuses on visibility and with a level-meter indication.
3Compact body and design of not being troubled by installation.
4The ratchet torque wrench ensures stable operation with manual torque control.
5Only the wrench unit can be detachable, thereby enabling cleaning with hot water and autoclave sterilization.
6The sensor unit, the size of which is the minimum class in the industry, is incorporated in the code part to achieve a compact design.


Purpose-designed Wrench Adapter


Various wrench adapters to which existing hand pieces can be applied ensure versatile implant operations.

  • Ultra-short wrench adapterApplications: Anterior teeth; Adjacent teeth

  • Through-wrench adapterApplications: Cheek teeth; Adjacent teeth

  • Wrench adapterApplication: Anterior teeth

newton-1 Basic information

Content of Package

  • Main Unit
  • Wrench Unit
  • Wrench Adapter
  • AA alkaline battery (2 pcs.)

Optional Items

  • Wrench adapter
    Size:18.5(total length)mm
  • Through-wrench adapter
    Size:13(total length)mm
  • Ultra-short wrench adapter(Standard Equipment)
    Size:10(total length)mm

Notification No.:26B3X10009130011

  • AC adapter for newton-1®

newton-1 Detail information

Main Unit

Outer dimensions 105 (w) x 129 (D) x 163 (H) mm
Power supply AA alkaline battery (2 pcs.)
Continuous operating time Approx. 8 hours(at normal temperature of 20℃)
Power consumption 4W
Sensor cord length Approx. 2m

Wrench Unit

Dimensions 80 (Total Length) x 12 (Width) x 6.5 (Thickness) mm
Grip Diameter: φ10 mm
Weight Approx. 30g

Wrench Adapter

Shape Coping with JIS T 5907, Test Bar 1 Shaft Shape

Dental Implant Surgery Tool: General Medical Device
Brand Name: Newton-1® Medical Device Notification No.: 26B3X10009130002

Purpose-designed Thermal Printer (Compact and Light Weight)


The printer (option) output records and manages patient data during surgery.

Our Proposals

  • Attachment of the printout on the clinical record of patient as an evidence;
  • Thermal roll paper ensuring long-term storage is available (option); and)
  • Battery driving is possible with the battery pack (option).

Basic information

  • Main Unit
  • Printer Connection Cable
  • AC Power Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Roll Paper Sample
  • Options
    Thermal roll paper (Standard/Long-term storage papers); Battery pack (for thermal printer); etc.

※The above-stated options and the AC adapter/cable for printer are available from the Shopping Site Printy net of Sanei Electric Inc.

Detail information

Outer Dimensions 93 (W) x 125 (D) x 70 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 265 g (excluding thermal paper)
Power Supply AC adapter (Battery pack: Option.)
Printing Speed 80 mm/s, max.
Thermal Paper Used No. P-58-30 (Paper width: 58 mm)
Roll Paper Length Approx.30m
Roll Paper Outside Diameter 50mm
Printer Connection Cable Approx.50cm